Dene Vara is the head chef in charge of Comida Caliente. She is the mother of four children (Danielle, Stefani, Dianna and Steven). Dene owned and operated a restaurant with her children’s father called Casa de Vara for seventeen years. Based in Baytown, Texas, the restaurant was known for its delicious food and family atmosphere. Dene’s children were raised in Casa de Vara, as it not only served as income for the family but a playground/backyard for her four children. After closing down the restaurant, Dene began catering. One of her biggest catering jobs was for Exxon, cooking on site for over 1,000 people, and managing a staff of sixty people. Dene isn’t new to the television world, before getting married she worked at KTRK Channel 13 as Assistant Community Relations Director. She assisted in producing and hosting “Mexican American Dialogue,” a Hispanic based community awareness program. Dene’s most important and most rewarding job by far is being the mother of three beautiful daughters and one handsome son. She considers them her greatest accomplishment.
The eldest daughter and solid rock of the family, Danielle was one week old when the family restaurant opened. As soon as she was old enough, she spent her days in a playpen right by the cash register, and continued to be a part of the daily operations of Casa De Vara until the restaurant closed. When she was three, she started dance classes, and found her passion. She continued to dance until she was a freshman in high school. She performed as a party child in Houston Ballet’s “The Nutcracker.”

A Georgetown University graduate she moved to Washington D.C. and never looked back. In her junior year, she studied at the Universidad de Seville in Seville, Spain. She has a degree in Foreign Service.

Returning to Houston to start her career, she met the love of her life Tom Aleman. They married and now have four of the most perfect children. She is a stay at home Mom and has taken her role as a mother very seriously. She will let you know that because of her degree in International Affairs, her home is ran like the United Nations.

The second daughter and the one with the entrepreneurial spirit who has little time for cooking, was born on Thanksgiving Day. Gymnastics was Stefani’s first true passion. She competed until her last year of junior high school. She attended the University of Colorado, and did not waste any time acclimating herself. She became a cheerleader and graduated with a degree in Communication. After graduation she returned to Houston for a few weeks and then packed her bags for New York City.

Stefani is a singer and a foot model. She is driven and very creative. She has worked on films and television productions, recorded an album and is now executive producing Comida Caliente.

The third daughter, who considers herself the better cook among her sisters and who won’t hold back what she thinks, got lost in the daily activities of the restaurant. Dianna would therefore make her presence known whenever she entered a room as a child. She loved entertaining the customers by skating around the restaurant and almost killing some of the customers. They loved it and her!

Soccer became her passion. She was a defensive player, and the coaches would tell her not to let anyone get near the goal. When Dianna was on the field, girls went flying in every direction.

Dianna attended the University of Texas San Antonio. She went the sorority route and continues to have her sorority sisters be a big part of her life. Graduating with a degree in Communication, with a minor in Business. Dianna is a career girl. She takes her job very seriously. She does human resources and is very concerned with all the employees.

Even though she was a tough soccer player, Dianna is known to be the most sensitive of the daughters. Those that know her love her. If she is your friend, she is your friend for life.

Besides being baby and moms prized possession. Steven is the man of the Vara clan. He had a tough time growing up in a household of women, But on the other hand it has made him into the person he is today.

Steven can light up a room in seconds. He loves to make friends, has a huge heart and very compassionate soul. He is a graduate of the University of Texas San Antonio with a BA degree in construction science and management.

He’s been an athlete his whole life and played 2 years of collegiate football for the Texas commerce university before transferring to UTSA. Currently he is safety manager for Vaughn construction. He is our pride and joy!